A Next-Level Crypto NFTs

What is NFTShit?

NFTshit is a revolutionary platform for actresses and meme makers to create and then sell them. NFTshit Marketplace users can add one or more items in the marketplace for sale. Users who wish to purchase on the marketplace must also be registered with the NFTshit Marketplace. The utility of the NFTshit ($SHIT) itself, All transactions from the NFTshit Marketplace will use the NFTshit ($SHIT) Token as payment.

The Best Features NFTShit Project

List of Amazing Features


It will be Available on:

Features and Functionally

Decentralized and non-permissible

The NFTshit Framework is designed to optimize the benefit (and minimize risks) of digital asset ownership and trading. Our core technologies depend strictly on the blockchain, automated smart contracts.

Blockchain Protocol

NFTshit uses the Binance blockchain and protocol, with the original token named $SHIT.

Less Costly Fee Exposure

There will be some charges applicable like application usage fees for trade execution, NFT creation and listing, NFT auctions, and network fees for $SHIT transfers will apply.

On-Chain Management governance

The governance of the NFTshit Marketplace enables stakeholders to seamlessly modify basic protocols and modify critical framework parameters to meet changing environmental and societal needs.

Open Marketplace

Anyone can be a creator, especially for Shit Meme and Shit coin lovers.





You will know our journey

Phase 1

Idea / Concept

Smart contract creation

Website Creation

Smart contract Audit

Phase 2

Aidrop campaign

Private Sale

Presale on Pinksale

DEX Launch on Pancakeswap

Phase 3

Holders 1000 Apply Coingecko

Holders 1500 Apply Coinmarketcap

Holders 2000 Certik Audit

Beta test NFTshit Marketplace

Phase 4

Strategic Parnership

Big Marketing Campaign

Launch NFTshit Marketplace

CEX Listing

Select Bet Amount

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions we have answer

$SHIT will be available on private sale and Presale on Pinksale and then open to Public Trading 24h after the Presale ends. $SHIT will be available for Trading on bigger exchanges at phase 4 of the Roadmap.

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

You can print it on Dapp Minter.

You can sell it on NFTSHIT Marketplace.